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SPOILER POLICY: this particular wiki is intended for people who have already read Foucault's Pendulum once. First-time readers are recommended to just read the book without any sort of guide. Spoilers may be contained herein.

Please read the Foucault's Pendulum wiki guidelines, but above all, do not add information unless it is notable, relevant and interesting. We don't need Wikipedia links for every last place and person mentioned in the novel.

Keter: Chapters 1-2
Hokhmah: Chapters 3-6
Binah: Chapters 7-22
Hesed: Chapters 23-33
Gevurah: Chapters 34-63
Tiferet: Chapters 64-106
Nezah: Chapters 107-111
Hod: Chapters 112-117
Yesod: Chapters 118-119
Malkhut: Chapter 120

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