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This Pynchonalia page is a wiki to annotate Pynchon's high school fictions, "Voice of the Hamster," "Ye Legend of Sir Stupid and the Purple Knight," and "The Boys." Anyone is free to add or modify entries. These early works by Pynchon are hosted at The Modern Word and are in the public domain.

[edit] Annotations

Voice of the Hamster

The Boys

Ye Legend of Sir Stupid and the Purple Knight - coming soon...

[edit] Articles

Pynchon's Juvenilia and Against the Day - Charles Hollander analyzes the juvenilia and the threads linking them to Pynchon's latest work (March 2008, Graat Magazine).

  • I'm not entirely convinced by Hollander's paper. I think he reads too much into the juvenilia and seems a bit too sure that Pynchon intended the "literary feints," as Hollander puts it, but it's a great read by an always fascinating Pynchon scholar. Bleakhouse 10:16, 9 April 2008 (MST)
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