Chapter 14 - The Hotel of the Three Roses

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"The Hotel of the Three Roses"
is a mystery novel written in the 30s by Augusto De Angelis, which features the Police Inspector Carlo De Vincenzi. The story is placed in a foggy and evocative Milan (the mist, once more!), in a hotel where "the devil seems to laugh at every corner."

Page 297

A rose by another other name
from Romeo & Juliet. The implication of Juliet's word is that names are unimportant, referenced here probably to indicate that the names of Lila, Paola, and Sibilla aren't important, but rather that they are all women, all variations on the face Yambo has been chasing his entire life.

Eco remarked in Postscript to The Name of the Rose that everyone assumed that the title, Name of the Rose, was a reference to this same line of Juliet. However, he meant his title to mean the exact opposite: names are important.

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