The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana

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These annotations were originally online here. The project was begun by Erik Ketzan.


Part One: The Incident

Chapter 1 - The Cruelest Month
Chapter 2 - The Murmur of Mulberry Leaves
Chapter 3 - Someone May Pluck Your Flower
Chapter 4 - Alone through City Streets I Go

Part Two: Paper Memory

Chapter 5 - Clarabelle's Treasure
Chapter 6 - Il Nuovissimo Melzi
Chapter 7 - Eight Days in an Attic
Chapter 8 - When the Radio
Chapter 9 - But Pippo Doesn't Know
Chapter 10 - The Alchemist's Tower
Chapter 11 - Up There at Capocabana
Chapter 12 - Blue Skies Are on the Way
Chapter 13 - The Pallid Little Maiden
Chapter 14 - The Hotel of the Three Roses

Part Three: ΟΙ ΝΟΣΤΟΙ

Chapter 15 - You're Back at Last, Friend Mist!
Chapter 16 - The Wind Is Whistling
Chapter 17 - The Provident Young Man
Chapter 18 - Lovely Thou Art as the Sun


Contributor guide
Guide to the Family of Yambo
Favorite lines

Reviews of Queen Loana and recent Eco interviews

  • Village Voice: "Yambo's childhood memories emerge wiki-like".
  • Eco on American University Radio - Eco talks on air with host Diana Rehm. Streaming audio available, and you can also purchase the program on tape or CD.
  • Chicago Sun-Times: "we see Umberto Eco, one of the great minds of our era, reveal a little of his heart."
  • Time: "Not to be flip, but 3,000 died in the Twin Towers, and 6 million in the Holocaust. Europe's old age is one of wisdom, not of Alzheimer's."
  • more Queen Loana reviews


Since this project began, two similar annotation guides have sprung up for readers of Queen Loana in other languages:

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