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How to link to full texts:

  • full text (language).
  • Project Gutenberg full text (language) - since Gutenberg is such a massive, well-known archive of full texts, I think it warrants a special label
  • for some reason, Wikispaces glitches up the text when you attempt to put quotation marks within a wiki link.

Lessons of Literary Wiki Commentary:

    • Lesson 1) Contributors would rather fill in blanks than add entire entries.** Therefore, it is preferable to add unknown references marked with a question mark than to omit them entirely.
    • Lesson 2) Amazon does not allow sites to link to specific pages using its full text service.** The links expire after a week or two, which is a shame.
    • Lesson 3) Vandalism is a minor problem.** In a month and a half, we have so far had only a few incidents of vandalism.

Comments on the Queen Loana Project

Some insightful comments and discussion of the Queen Loana Annotation Project are to be found around the web:

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Magnificent Octopus blog

Strictly Speaking blog

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