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[edit] What's this site all about?

Literary Wiki is a site for users to create annotations, guides, and other useful resources for books. You can follow our lead by creating or adding spoiler-free page-by-page annotations or add any other kind of relevant content: characters guides, timelines, etc. Check out our general contributor guidelines.

[edit] Books

add your own!

Umberto Eco

Foucault's Pendulum
The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana

Daniel Kehlmann

Measuring the World

Sandor Marai


Marcel Proust

In Search of Lost Time Volume I: Swann's Way

Thomas Pynchon

Pynchon Juvenilia
Minstral Island
all at
Against the Day
The Crying of Lot 49
Gravity's Rainbow
Mason & Dixon

Bram Stoker


Leonid Tsypkin

Summer in Baden-Baden

David Foster Wallace

Infinite Jest (at

Miscellaneous small projects

The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman
20th Century Boys
FLCL novels
Pete Doherty lyrics
Pynchon German translators interview

[edit] Links to other literary sites

The Modern Word- the biggest and best site on Joyce, Pynchon, Eco and other literary greats
Spitecast Literature Concordances - extensive wiki annotations for Foucault's Pendulum and Infinite Jest.

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